Blaum Dettmers Rabstein
Rechtsanwaltspartnerschaft mbB and notaries

Rechtsanwalt Kanzlei Blaum: Dr. Leif Zänker

Dr. Leif Zänker

Phone: +49 421 36 60 133

Telefax: +49 421 36 60 151

Secretary: Ms Köhnken

Office Bremen
Am Wall 153-156
28195 Bremen

Dr. Leif Zänker

Lawyer, Notary Public, Certified Specialist in Commercial and Corporate Law

Practice Areas:
Corporate Law, Trade Law, Banking Law, Energy Law 

i.a. „Hedgefonds und ähnliche Beteiligungen“ (Hedge Fonds and similar investments), in: Derleder/Knops/Bamberger, Handbook on German and European Banking Law 

University of Bremen, Scientific Assistant at the Institute of Civil and Civil Procedural Law, Commercial and Labor Law, University of Bremen (Prof. Dr. Derleder)

Doctorate 2005
Admitted 2007

Foreign Languages: English