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Blaum Dettmers Rabstein

Rechtsanwaltspartnerschaft mbB und Notare

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Our traditional key competencies lie in the areas of commercial law, corporate law, maritime and transport law, occupational law, intellectual property law and real estate law. We are able to provide our clients with support in these areas of law thanks to our strong, cross-site teams of lawyers. We are able to act both in an advisory capacity and as barristers in court proceedings and arbitration proceedings. In addition, in Bremen, we also have a specialised and experienced Notary's Office, which enables us to provide a comprehensive service.


Our role is to provide comprehensive support in the area of economic law to companies that are active both nationally and internationally. We are familiar with the challenges that go hand-in-hand with international projects, and possess a network of experienced colleagues who we regularly turn to for international legal expertise. In such cases, we will gladly coordinate the information provided to us by our colleagues based abroad for the implementation of your project.

We frequently act as an external legal department and are able to provide legal advice from a single source. In the event that we are not able to cover certain fields with our own specialist lawyers, we are able to resort to experienced colleagues within our network. Many of our client relationships have already been in place for decades. Our clients are active in a very diverse range of fields. We view the resulting expanding knowledge within those fields as an important pre-requisite for successful work from a legal point of view. Proactive consulting with a view to preventing problems and multidisciplinary support for our clients' demanding projects are fundamental aspects of the services we provide

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  • Drafting of contracts/contract negotiations
  • National and cross-border transactions, particularly with regard to the law governing the sale of goods and contracts for work and labour and distribution and commercial agency law
  • Company acquisitions
  • General Terms and Conditions of Business

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  • Business start-ups
  • Business transactions
  • Financing of businesses
  • Structuring of businesses and groups
  • Joint Ventures
  • Business succession
  • Employee shares
  • Compliance
  • Disputes with shareholders and corporate bodies


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  • Maritime law, charter law
  • General transport law (land, air and rail transport, inland navigation, multimodal transport)
  • Transport and marine insurance law
  • Shipping law, logistics law
  • Purchase and sale of vessels
  • Financing and registration of vessels

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  • Employment protection legislation
  • Employee leasing, including the law applicable to contracts for work and labour
  • Insolvency employment law
  • Company pensions
  • Negotiations regarding reconciliation of interests and social benefit plans
  • Collective bargaining
  • Arrangement of collective bargaining agreements
  • Advice with regard to issues surrounding codetermination

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  • Trademarks and designs
  • Patents and utility patents
  • Competition law, copyright


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  • Commercial tenancy law
  • Real estate transactions
  • Private construction law
  • Law concerning architects and specialists
  • Advice
  • Drafting of contracts
  • Representation

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  • Advice regarding loan and collateral arrangements
  • Financing of businesses, including participation rights and syndicatedloans
  • Legal issues surrounding financial investment and investment advice
  • Safeguarding of credit and liquidation of collateral
  • Factoring
  • Leasing

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  • Notarial certification of agency and assembly decisions made under corporate law, e.g. resolutions of the Managing Board, resolutions passed by the General Meeting of Shareholders or other shareholders' resolutions
  • Notarial certification of contracts and other legal transactions
  • Notarial involvement in the performance of contracts, e.g. handling of payments, registering of legal transactions
  • Trusteeships
  • Notarial certification of signatures and copies of notarial certifications of signatures and copies of documents

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