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Blaum Dettmers Rabstein

Rechtsanwaltspartnerschaft mbB und Notare

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Blaum Dettmers Rabstein Rechtsanwaltspartnerschaft mbB,

Am Wall 153-156, 28195 Bremen, Germany

Partnership register of Amtsgericht Bremen, PR 120.


A list of the lawyers working in the law firm is available on this website under "Lawyers".


Our office addresses, including telephone and fax numbers plus e-mail addresses is available under "Offices".


Should you have any queries with regard to this website, please contact:


Dr. Mario Krogmann
Blaum Dettmers Rabstein Rechtsanwälte
Vorsetzen 50, 20459 Hamburg
E-Mail: hamburg@blaum.de


All the lawyers working in our law firm are qualified as lawyers in Germany. Depending on the office to which they are attached, they are members of the Hanseatic Lawyers Chamber in Bremen, the Hanseatic Lawyers Chamber in Hamburg or of the Lawyers Chamber for the Higher Regional Court District of Munich. In addition to this, the lawyers in our Bremen offices are members of the Bremen Chamber of Notaries.


The regulations in force governing the manner in which we carry out our professional services as lawyers and the addresses of the local lawyers' chambers can be downloaded from the website of the German National Bar Association (www.brak.de). The legal professional regulations in force governing notarial services can be found on the website of the German Association of Notaries (www.bundesnotarkammer.de) under "Der Notar- Berufsrecht".


Information for clients who are consumers:


(1) We agree to an extrajudicial dispute settlement procedure.


(2) In the case of disputes and upon an application, there is the possibility of an alternative dispute resolution at the competent Lawyers Chamber in accordance with section 73 subsection 2 no. 3, subsection 5 Federal Lawyers' Act (e-mail info@rak-hamburg.de, internet www.rak-hamburg.de) or at the Conciliation Board of the Legal Profession pursuant to section 191 f Federal Lawyers' Act (e-mail schlichtungsstelle@s-d-r.org, internet www.schlichtungsstelle-der-rechtsanwaltschaft.de).


(3) Platform for the online dispute resolution of the European Union: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/?event=main.home.show


Our value-added tax number as directed by § 27 a of the German Value Added Tax law is DE227181826.

Information on this website


We have complied the information contained within this website carefully and we are continually endeavouring to review and update it. Nevertheless, we can not accept any liability whatsoever for the accuracy, completeness or ongoing availability of our contents, nor can we guarantee that they are up to date. We shall only give binding information, advice, recommendations or statements as part of specific communications with our clients.


Under no circumstances shall we accept any liability for the contents of other websites, even if we refer to such contents by means of hyperlinks.


The content, lay out and presentation of our website are protected by copyright. The information, texts and picture material provided by us are only designed to be accessed by individual users of our web site. We shall allow the user to download and print out our contents in their present form for the purposes of storing information about us or for handing such information on to third parties, or for the purposes of setting up hyperlinks to our home page with factual information. Otherwise we forbid the reproduction, or dissemination of integral elements of this website for commercial purposes. We reserve the right to amend, supplement, shorten, or even to close down our website completely at any time.

Professional Liability Insurance


All lawyers are insured under the firm's third party liability insurance with: HDI-Versicherung AG, HDI-Platz 1, 30659 Hannover, Germany. Excluded from the scope of the insurance cover are liability claims arising out of or in connection with advice on or dealing with the law of, and out of activities at courts in, countries outside Europe. 

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