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Blaum Dettmers Rabstein

Rechtsanwaltspartnerschaft mbB und Notare



Several of our partners have been advising banks and other financial service institutions for many years, in areas including the drafting, negotiation and enforcement of loans and loan collateral, factoring and lease agreements, as well as in the areas of capital investment and capital market law. In addition, our banking law team also offers advice regarding regulatory issues, including the structuring of transactions carried out under corporate law to ensure compliance with banking supervision law and the compliance and qualification of managing directors and supervisory bodies.


We provide companies from all industries with advice concerning corporate finance, with particular regard to the financing of businesses, including internal group financing activities. Our banking law team possesses a wealth of experience with regard to the diverse forms of financing available.

What is more, we represent banks, companies and private investors in the event of litigious disputes of all types in the areas of credit, factoring, leasing, capital investment and capital market law.

Dr. Andreas Meyer im Hagen

Attorney and Notary Public (Bremen), Certified Specialist in Tax Law

Dr. Jürgen Bechtloff

Rechtsanwalt, Notary Public, Certified Specialist in Commercial and Corporate Law, Certified Specialist in Banking and Capital Markets Law

Dr. Leif Zänker

Rechtsanwalt, Notary Public, Certified Specialist in Commercial and Corporate Law

Dr. Lars Konukiewitz

Rechtsanwalt, Certified Specialist in Commercial and Corporate Law

Caroline Meyer im Hagen

Rechtsanwältin, LL.M. (Uppsala University)
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  • Syndicated loans
  • Promissory note loans
  • Advice regarding loan and collateral arrangements
  • Participation rights
  • Mezzanine financing
  • Cash pooling
  • Sale and lease back transactions
  • Private equity
  • Restructuring of credit



  • Investment advice
  • Funds
  • Lending, associated contracts
  • Safeguarding of credit and liquidation of collateral



  • Recourse and non-recourse factoring
  • Maturity factoring
  • Claims management, supply chain finance, export factoring, assignment of claims abroad, refinancing, risk controlling, risk-bearing capacity, cases of fraud, audits
  • Organisation of institutions



  • Financial and operating leases
  • Sale and lease back transactions
  • Organisation of institutions



  • Provision of advice to credit institutions and companies with regard to all issues surrounding banking supervision law
  • Representation of our clients before supervisory authorities